Personalised tours of cities and regions in Italy

Personalised tours are the perfect opportunity to make your own plan for a specific trip, to see the places, life and heritage of Italy freely, without being bound to known itineraries.

Individual tours of art cities

Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan

Italy is the birthplace of art, and travelling through its cities is a feast for the eyes and food for the mind and soul. Its rich history, the splendour of its architecture, its beautiful landscapes and its world-renowned collection of paintings attract lovers from all corners of the globe. Trust our experts to make sure you don’t get lost in the diversity and your holiday will be unforgettable!

These tours are ideal for those who have their own vision of what a trip to Italy should be like to fully explore the country and immerse themselves in the real life of Italy.  If you are not interested in popular destinations and want to see little-known places or museums, a tailor-made tour is your best choice.

Customised tours for private requests

Tailor Made tours

If you dream of visiting a place outside the standard tours, we will be happy to design a tailor-made itinerary for your trip. For convenient travel between the individual points on your personal Italy dream map, we arrange transfers in a comfortable car. In the case of long distances between cities, our experts will offer you options for tickets on high-speed trains.

Our company organizes both simple personal tours (we take care of booking accommodation, tickets and paperwork) and complex tours (we take care of all the details of the upcoming trip: book travel and accommodation, purchase and order tickets for events, rent a car, yacht, helicopter or other transport, change the program at any time). The tourist is on a more autonomous journey.

Individual gastronomic tours

Taste of Italy

Italy’s culture is inextricably linked to its gastronomy and wine-making. The distinctive feature of Italian cuisine is the simplicity of cooking and first-fresh products. Italy’s culinary diversity deserves no less attention than its cultural heritage. The national spirit, atmosphere and centuries-old traditions of the country are discovered not only in museums, but also at the table. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience and a feast of flavours, our consultants are happy to help you organise your individual gastro-trip!

Personalised arrangements are great for families, friends and corporate holidays. You won’t depend on anyone else, you’ll always be able to change the programme to suit you and see only the most interesting things.

Book a personalised tour or take a look at sample tours

We have a variety of tours in our collection. If you dream of visiting a place outside the standard programmes, we will be happy to create a personalised itinerary to make your dreams come true and make your memories and pictures vivid.

Leave the organisation of your Italian holiday to us and we will make you dream of coming back to Italy again!

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