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Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan

Italy is a country whose past and present have a direct impact on the cultural scene in Europe and around the world. If you like to combine relaxation with informative excursions, sports with museums, tastings with history, entertainment with a walk with a camera, Italy is the best solution. Our consultants will tailor a tour according to your preferences and various excursions will help you truly appreciate all the virtues of this wonderful country.


Seaside and island hotels and resorts

Italy’s uniqueness as a seaside resort consists in the diversity of beach holidays: here the most sophisticated traveller can find his or her seaside paradise. There are long, sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea, ideal for holidays with children; a beach variety with pebbles underfoot for those who do not like sand; rocky shores and depth of crystal waters with small coves for those who want to hide away from the hustle and bustle of the city; fun, trendy clubs on the waterfront near the beach for partying and nightlife fans; a combination of sea holidays with cultural visits to art cities and much more. We are happy to help you decide and tailor a seaside holiday to suit your needs.


Hotels and chalets in Italian ski resorts

Winter sports, spa treatments, guided tours, degustations – Italian ski resorts offer the perfect opportunity to spend unforgettable holidays with friends, family and children, and our staff are always ready to help you make the best choice.


Health & Beauty

The largest number of thermal spas are in Italy, which still preserves the ancient Roman tradition of aquatic therapies. Relaxing, enjoying the beauty of nature and the cities and at the same time recovering, the medical and spa complexes offer the ideal holiday combined with pleasant and beneficial treatments.

Personalised special offer

Enjoying bright sunshine and the azure waters of the vast sea, taking your time, relaxing and moving around, while changing cities or countries. A sea cruise is an ideal way for families and romantic couples to combine relaxation by the water with the chance to see new places.

Adventus partner hotels

A luxury destination for every moment in life. From once in a lifetime luxury travel experiences to breathtaking bespoke vacations, there is always a luxury travel destination to suit the moment.

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