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You are here Home Excursions Excursion to Siena from Florence

Excursion to Siena from Florence

Price: 400 €

Excursion to Siena from Florence

– St. Mark’s Gate
– the Old Castle
– Via della Citta’
– Mercanzia’s Lodgia

A trip to the most Gothic city of Tuscany with fascinating excursion across its ancient center where each stone breathes the medieval history. Is no time the richest and powerful republic, located at the intersection of the Roman trade ways, today it is known around the world, first of all, for the horse jumps. The sightseeing tour includes survey of the Old Lock of the VII century, Cathedral of Duomo, Baptistery and della Mercan-‘s Loggiation. You also will walk on well-known контрадам (to the ancient to quarters) Siena, which annually, here already throughout many centuries, conduct uncompromising struggle for a silk banner – Palio!

Longevity 4 hours
*Car service included