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Our address

Via Montirone, 31 - 35031- Abano Terme (PD) Italia
45.3544654, 11.77464120000002
The Hotel projected, built and managed by the Sabbion family since 1968 is located in the heart of Abano Terme, surrounded by the Montirone Park, a symbol of the spa’s long history. And it’s history that you sense in the Hotel: spots rich in style, elegant but most of all comfortable, which invite you to relax and promise you the privacy that’s necessary to enjoy the holiday moment by moment. These are the features that characterize the atmosphere of this 5 star hotel. Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_author_post_rating() in /web/htdocs/www.adventustour.com/home/wp-content/themes/adventustour/ait-cache/_wplatte/_Templates.single-ait-dir-item.php-71e2913e89c7cedd7f74e367e00c059a.php on line 338