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Our address

Via Carlo Alberto 35 - 10123 - Torino Italy
45.0653458, 7.682858399999986
The Grand Hotel Sitea, a Category I four-star located in the very heart of the city of the Savoys, behind Piazza San Carlo, is a symbol of the most refined Turin hospitality. Its experienced management and efficient and solicitous staff, combined with the furnishings and charm of the building, give the hotel those ideal, essential qualities sought by travellers looking for great comfort even on business trips: a hotel where care for detail and attentiveness to guests is a certainty. Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_author_post_rating() in /web/htdocs/www.adventustour.com/home/wp-content/themes/adventustour/ait-cache/_wplatte/_Templates.single-ait-dir-item.php-71e2913e89c7cedd7f74e367e00c059a.php on line 338