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Our address

Via Cicerone, 55/C - 00193 - Roma (RM) Italy
41.90673330000001, 12.46879709999996
The Cicerone Hotel Rome, on a street of the same name, lies in the heart of Rome’s exclusive Prati district a popular area for the city’s well to do. Close to attractions like Castel St Angelo and the Vatican this Four Star Hotel in Rome also offers excellent access to prime shopping areas and some fantastic bars and restaurants. The hotel's 292 rooms are recently refurbished and offer all modern comforts and utilities in a tastefully decorated setting. We have entire floors dedicated to non-smoking accommodation and can cater to even the largest groups due to its size. Choose between standard and deluxe accommodation, or even a luxury suite, and start on the right foot on your visit to Rome whether here for business or leisure choose Hotel Cicerone Roma. As well as extensive meeting and conference facilities for groups ranging between 10 and 270, the hotel also have its own exclusive gourmet restaurant in the shape of the Bouchon. The extensive menu offers guest treats from Italy and abroad guaranteeing excellent food and quality service, making it an excellent choice for large groups celebrating weddings or anniversaries, or small formal business lunches. Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_author_post_rating() in /web/htdocs/www.adventustour.com/home/wp-content/themes/adventustour/ait-cache/_wplatte/_Templates.single-ait-dir-item.php-71e2913e89c7cedd7f74e367e00c059a.php on line 338