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You are here Home Excursions Vatican Museums and St. Peter's church

Vatican Museums and St. Peter's church

Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s church escursion: The Vatican Museums holds some of the richest collections of classic art in the world. It dates back to the Renaissance and was protected by the popes Clement XIV, Pius VI, Pius VII and Gregory XVI. The Catholic Church has managed to collect and preserve a variety of unique works of art on display today at the Vatican museums such as the Pinacoteca, the Holy Museum and the Museum of Egyptian and Etruscan art and others.

On display are masterpieces of ancient sculpture in the Pio-Klements Museum. Visit the Hall of the Muses and the Hall of Beasts. Be amazed by the gallery maps and tapestry decorations which are works of art. On the tour of the Vatican Museums, you can see the famous Belvedere Palace, which displays the famous statue of Apollo and the Laocoon. Once you become familiar with the other rooms of the museum head over to the Raphael Rooms. These three rooms showcase fresco paintings of the great masters. After the move to the Sistine Chapel, where you’ll be amazed by the works of Michelangelo with more than 300 images in the gallery about the incredible history of mankind, in its development, history, and in his salvation.

                    Sistine Chapel st-peters-basilica_6809_600x450  images