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You are here Home Excursions Sightseeing excursion across Milan

Sightseeing excursion across Milan

Price: 175 €

Individual sightseeing esxursion across Milan

– the Castle of Sforza
– the Cathedral
– Victor Emmanuel’s gallery
– the La Scala

The Gothic Duomo Cathedral of white marble had been under construction for nearly 600 years. The cathedral is one of the largest in the world (the capacity is up to 40.000 people), the second for capacity Gothic cathedral (after the Seville cathedral) and the second for capacity cathedral in Italy (after St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. The Castle of Sforza has been initially built in the XIV century, was rebuilt by Francesco Sforza in the middle of the XV century. At the beginning of the XVI century to Leonardo da Vinci was invited to perform the decoration of the castle. In the castle it is possible to see Michelangelo’s last sculpture, Mantegna’s pictures and a particular collection of musical instruments.

Longevity 2 hours