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You are here Home Excursions Rome in a Coach Sightseeing Tour

Rome in a Coach Sightseeing Tour

Rome in a Coach Sightseeing Tour

Rome – a city with a rich history, filled with hundreds of historical monuments. Discovering the ancient and medieval sights is best done on foot. However, walking the streets of Rome will take ages and might end up being too tedious, so an alternative means of transportation might be a good idea.

Horse carts are a great way of exploring and this leisurely and environmentally friendly transportation method offers you an experience of a lifetime.  While in Rome they say…

We offer a ride in a four-seat and double lung carriage pulled by one or two horses. Accompanied by a guide, you can explore all the main attractions whilst soaking up the atmosphere.
A guided tour isn’t that long and limits you to the center of the city, and during the trip you can see all the basics: Imperial Forum, the Coliseum and Vatican City as well as some of the other attractions that the driver will choose at his discretion or upon request.