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You are here Home Excursions Excursion to the Venetian Lagoon Isles

Excursion to the Venetian Lagoon Isles

Price: 175 €

Excursion to the Venetian Lagoon Isles

– San Servolo’s Island
– St. Lazar’s Armenian island
– Lido Venetiano
– The Island of Murano
– the St Michael the Archangel’s Isle

A fascinating trip by the boat to the Venetian lagoon, San Servolo’s islands and the St. Lazar’s Armenian island, one of the world’s main centers of the Armenian culture, to the Venetian Lido 11 km long, separating the Venetian lagoon from Adriatic Sea. Annually in September in Lido takes place the well-known Venetian film festival. Further the trip proceeds to the island of Murano and the island of Saint Michael the Archangel, which in 1807 was transformed into a place for burial of the Venetians.

Longevity 2 hours