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You are here Home Excursions Colosseum Moon excursion

Colosseum Moon excursion

Colosseum Moon excursion

Sightseeing after dark gives you the opportunity to revel in the rich history of the Roman capital and experience a true wonder under the moonlight.
“Luna Coliseum” – is the so called night tour of the most famous Roman amphitheater, including the recently discovered basements!  Despite the fact that the Coliseum subsequently lost his original greatness due to poor maintenance, earthquakes and builders, and the building that pulled apart on the foundation, more than a third of the outer arcades have survived to the present day. We offer a tour of “Moon Coliseum” every Thursday and Saturday until November 2nd.

In the silence of the night, without the bustling tourist groups Coliseum in the daytime, you can safely explore the architectural monument and learn about its every aspect.

Just before midnight you have the opportunity undergo this tour. The tour starts with the “heart” of the Coliseum – the arena. Then it will be examined by the underground part of the Coliseum and Exhibition. At the end of the night you can enjoy a stroll through the Arc de Triomphe, Constantine and the Palatine Hill.