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You are here Home Excursions Trip to Venice from Milan

Trip to Venice from Milan

Price: 600 €

Trip to Venice

– Saint Mark’s Square
– St. Mark’s Basilica
– Bridge of the Sighs
– Rialto Bridge

The tour begins with the grandiose St. Mark’s Square – the brand, a center of political, public and religious life of Venice. The pearl of the area is the Cathedral of the same name constructed in 829, which main altar stores remains of the evangelist Mark, the only patron saint of the city, in a ballot box. After the fire in the basilica in 927 it was reconstructed in 1043-1071 by the doge Domenico Contarani. Also you will have an opportunity to see the main architectural pearls of the city on piles — the palace of Doges and Bridge of the Sighs. Lovers believe that a kiss under the bridge (especially in a gondola) makes their love eternal.

Longenvity 4 hours
*Car services included